Subject: New MacBSD user wants to help...
To: None <>
From: Edward Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1994 09:49:18
	First, just so you know my background, I'm a Mac-Lover in a UNIX
world.  I run two UNIX boxes at work, and use a total of 5 different versions
of UNIX as well.  Recently, (READ: last night) I downloaded all of MacBSD (On
a 9600 v.42bis modem, took hours!) and by this morning got it running.
(Actuall, the usr.bin.tar.cpt.bin file was corrpted in the transfer from so I'll get that again tonight, oy!)  I'm quite
impressed at what has been done with it.  
	I'm running a MacSE/30, 5MB Ram, with MacBSD on a physical 80MB hard
drive.  Color monitor attached, too many adb's modem, cd-rom... Currently,
until I get another hard drive, I've only given MacBSD about 42MB, with 9MB
swap.  I have slip connections that I'll get going as soon as it's stable
	In short (yeah, right) I'd like to help out with getting X11 going.
I've done some basic client-server porting to a niche box (esv).  If anyone
as info on that project, can you send it to me?
	Also, I would like to get started doing client-server applications...
MacBSD has the complete tcp/ip libs, right?  
	Thanks for any info... Great setup!
		Edward Wolpert

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