Subject: Re: Thanks.
To: Bill Johnston <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/30/1994 18:27:23
> > Do not use MacGUNZIP, avail. at umich, wuarchive, etc.  It does an ASCII
> > translation of the kernel file, and though it checks out to be the right
> > size, it will not work. 

This is a bit extreme.  Just be careful when you use it...
> Both of the Mac standalone ports of gzip support binary mode.
> Tim Murphy's console-interface port always works this way;
> The recent Mac-interface port has an ascii/binary toggle
> that enables/disables conversion of line endings.

The problem I reported was to do with MacCompress initially in that its
interface LIED to you.  Although the "translate" option was not selected, it
still applied because it would decompress regardless of the "Unix/MacCompress"
setting.  I do find it ludicrous that most of these utilities have defaulted to
"ascii" mode rather than "binary".  After all, surely most of the time you want
it left alone?

> > Maybe we could .cpt the kernel too?
> That would make it larger _and_ use a proprietary Mac-only format.

Larger?  Woh?  How come?

Wait for the next (or possibly next after that) installer.  It should include
auto-decompression and auto-gunzipping for tar files.  (Sorry to put the
pressure on, Brad ;-)