Subject: Help!
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/28/1994 20:46:16
Ok, I am doing something wrong, probebly simple too.. 

Question 1: 
  Am I missing part of the docs, how are we supposed to install the actual
  kernel ("netbsd")?  I ungzipped it and CPIN'd it to /.  That doesn't work.
  I have done everything else, I have an SE/30 running Mode32, 8meg, 120
  internal.  I am installing to a Syquest 40MB.

Question 2:
  Am I supposed to boot the Syquest as the startup drive in MacOS?  Or can I 
  boot from the internel and then run the booter and identify the device (4)
  to boot from.  At any rate, I have tryed both ways and get the same amount
  into the boot sequence.  I set up an A/UX Root&Usr partition about 37 meg,
  and a SWAP A/UX partition 2meg, and a Mac_OS partition 2meg.

After I installed: /dev, /bin, /sbin, and /etc (all installed with no probs)
this is how far the Booter gets when running (note: all settings are correct
and I configured MKFS, and the booter prefs correctly):

376172+40956+267796   Bye-bye... etc etc etc

Thanks much for any help.  I hope it is just something I overlooked.