Subject: possible termcap problem
To: None <>
From: Jason Frankovitz <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/28/1994 10:00:00
Hi there Alice group,

I got the 904111 kernel and alpha2 distribution successfully installed
on my se/30, (8 MB RAM, 80 MB HD [16 MB Swap, 40 MB Root/usr, 25 MB
and first let me say hats off! You have all done some excellent work!
I have some questions though:

Is it normal to need to do a mount -u / each time I boot into MacBSD?
(to make the fs writable)

I tried to use vipw to make an account and  password for myself, and
the TERM was not set. I set it to vt100, and then realized I could
find no termcap. Where can i get one for vt100? Will any one do? Or am
I forgetting something else to get vi to work?

What is the root password (until I get vipw to work?)

Again, thanks, and keep up the stellar work!


|					 |      Jason Frankovitz
| "Knowledge without action is useless." |      Bloomington, IN
|         - Benjamin Moreland            |