Subject: Re: When I can use MacBSD?
To: Tetsuaki Kiriyama <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/26/1994 17:36:22
> 1.I heard current release of MacBSD includes DES library,so I can't get
> MacBSD via FTP.( I live in JAPAN.)  Is it Right ?

This is correct.

> 2.When release NOT-INCLUDE-DES version of MacBSD ? will soon ? 
> (a week ,a month or 2 .....)

Hopefully closer to a month...  There are a lot of bugs that I'd
like to see fixed, and some clean-up before I rebuild everything...

> 3. I'd like to re-distribute MacBSD packages at NIFTY-SERVE.
> (Nifty-serve is one of famous BBS in JAPAN.) Off cource no
> extra-charge. Is it Okey?

This should be fine, although I'd use the NON-DES version...  ;-)


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