Subject: Re: get MacBSD from Japan
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/22/1994 18:07:09
> I'm in Japan(not in the U.S.), so I know that I should not
> download MacBSD. But When is it available for the outside US
> site? I'm looking forward to try it.

Hopefully soon.  We are planning on trying to clean up Alpha2 into
an Alpha3 or something that should be more complete.  This might
actually be distributable.  It's my opinion that this export
restriction is obsolete and should be lifted, but we have to live
with it while it's around...  :-(

> I have one question now.
> My Mac is SE/30 with Asante MacCon+SE30. Can I use this Ethernet
> card for MacBSD?

Right now, no ethernet card really works.  There is a driver for the
Apple Ethernet card that should work w/o too much tweaking (it used
to work before I played around with the driver initialization).  I
do not know what other cards it might happen to support.


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