Subject: Re: MacBSD on an SE/30. Help!
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Todd Ekenstam <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/21/1994 10:39:16
> Did you tell the booter that you have 5MB?  I think it defaults to 8.
> Was this a clean install of Alpha2?

Yes, I told the booter I had 5 megs (it did default to 8).  Yes, it was a
clean install of Alpha2 (this is my first attempt to install MacBSD).

Some more info:
	When I ran Mkfs the defaults provided for Num of Cylinders differed
	slightly from the number I got from SilverLining; I went with the
	number from SilverLining.

Do you need to provide ALL the information asked for by Mkfs?  I just made
sure that the fields that were filled in were correct.  Most of the empty
fields I couldn't find values for in SilverLining.  Could a bad Mkfs
cause my problem?  (I would think the install of the tars would fail if it
was a bad Mkfs.)

> Because it wasn't in a subdir and Alpha2 was cranked out in an evening...

OK, I know how those late evenings can go.  :-)
I take it cpin is the way to go to install the kernel?  BTW, any particular
order for installing the Alpha2 tars?

Thanks for your help.