Subject: Speaking of SLIP
To: macbsd-general <>
From: Benjamin D. Church <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/20/1994 05:02:00
I have a partially completed SLIP connection, but I do need more help.  Allen, 
I think you know the most about this...

I have what I think is a working copy of slip on the other end (a SUN), but
when I try to connect the Mac to it, MacBSD complains.  Here's what I get...

(once I'm connected to the SUN)

slattach -s 1200 /dev/ser0    (I know, believe me, the speed is only temporary)

ifconfig s10 0xc up
(at which point MacBSD gives me...)
ifconfig:ioctl (SIOLGIFFLAGS):no such interface

Have I missed something in setting it all up?  I can't seem to figure out how
to fix a missing interface (or what one is?)


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