Subject: To-do, status, and schedule available
To: MacBSD General Mailing List <>
From: Brad Grantham in Convenient Vinyl Pouch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/20/1994 01:41:10
I have concatenated my to-do, porting status, and porting schedule
lists on cray-ymp.  To see them (please pipe through a pager), finger
me at  For example:

	$ finger | more

Everyone is welcome to read through it and send me corrections,
suggestions, and so on.  Please don't send bug reports, though,
because we are about to distribute a script for submitting bugs in
an orderly, organized manner.

If you know your machine gets through more gray bars than my list
shows, or I didn't list a Mac model, or I put one in that doesn't
exist, let me know.

If you are interested in any item on the "to do" lists, please send
mail to describing the item.

I realize the output is a little rough right now.  I'm hopeful that
it will smooth out over time.

		-Brad "You're telling me your Mac 512K boots?" G
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