Subject: Re: Yay hooray!
To: Brian Kendig <>
From: Greg Becker <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/18/1994 14:27:31
> Thanks to, I tried putting my IIvx in 32-bit mode before I
>   booted MacBSD, and walla (sic), there it was!  After the 22 grey bars, I
>   actually got text on my screen, and MacBSD started to boot up!
>   It didn't get much more than one screenful of startup information before it
>   hung, however.  The last four lines it gave me were:
>           audio at mainbus0 not configured
>           floppy at mainbus0 not configured
>           A: Root 'UNIX Root&Usr slice 0' at 176 size 77000
>           B: Swap 'Swap' at 77176 size 8192
>   It got the data right -- those are the correct sizes of my root and swap
>   partitions (in 0.5k blocks).  But then it just sat there.  Is there
>   something else I haven't set up properly?

I had the same problem.  Thanks to everyone who helped; Brad (i think) for the
inquiries, Allen following up, Steve for taking the time to send
me a new kernel, and especially the person who posted about using macgzip
in ascii mode...

Retracing my steps, I noticed this inoccuous setting in MacCompress:

	CR <--> LF

with a little check mark to the left, of course..

So, after downloading all the Alpha2 tars a second time, I now have
MacBSD running on my machine.  :-)