Subject: Re: more congrats
To: None <>
From: Jim Lynch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/18/1994 04:35:17
>>Brad, even if you never get MacBSD to work on any more Macs than it does
>>now, that still won't change the fact that you and the other ALICE people
>>have achieved a *tremendous* accomplishment.  Imagine, having a FREE,
>>PUBLIC operating system on the Macintosh!  That would be unthinkable! ...
>>except that you've done it!
>These kind of things get way out of hand, but I'd just like to me-to this.
>Alice people, take a bow (but please don't stop ;)
>>>       -Brad "No, MacBSD probably won't run on an Apple IIgs." G.
>>Awwwww!  Will it run on my Commodore 64?
>...and my Sega. It runs a Motorola chip, how come not?

MeeToo too.


P.S: I have a 1970 4-banger (large) pocket calculator.. Any chance of
NetBSD running on it? I'll let you know if I can still get the tech
notes... it's got one memory location...