Subject: Re: 68040 jive
To: None <,>
From: Brad Grantham in Convenient Vinyl Pouch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/18/1994 00:14:39
> > Hi, I was poking around the linux archives(sorry! :)
> > especially the 680x0 work, and saw that their
> > latest kernel WORKS with the 68040.
> > is this work at all compatible with NetBSD_Mac?
> 68040 Macs?  And how do you mean, "works?"

I'm sure that not only the 68040 Amiga Linux code but also the NetBSD/Amiga
68040 code (which is much closer to what we need) will be an immense help.
The problem is that we have no documentation on how to reach the keyboard on
any of the 68040 machines.  In addition, the effort to integrate the 68040
MMU support is below three-hundred man-hours of other stuff on our to-do

If you're interested in trying to make the kernel 68040-compatible, keep
an eye out for the MacMiNT and MachTen compile toolkits that we are working
on.  Those should allow you to compile MacBSD on your Mac xxxxx (if we have
enough time to finish them).


- MachTen is a trademark of Tenon?

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