Subject: Re: requirements questions...
To: J. Robert Diana <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/17/1994 23:08:48
> I have a few questions about some of the requirements of MacBSD.
> First, I have an LCII + FPU, MacBSD should work on this correct?

Not at the moment.  I think it will eventually.  It has an '030,

> After reading the readme files from the ftp site, it was not clear if
> A/UX was needed or if installation could be done from the hard drive under
> MacOS.  What's the deal here?

You don't need A/UX, but you need a disk partitioning tool that
understands A/UX partitions.  BSD installs into its own partitions.

> Also, most gnu software works with this, correct?  I am assuming this is true
> since it is NetBSD.

GCC is the compiler.  Gzip compiles out of the box.  Most GNU software
should work.


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