Subject: Re: Running on SE/30; now what?
To: None <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/15/1994 10:32:47
>After spending four hours installing Alpha2 and the latest kernel on my SE/30,
>I managed to get it running by booting in single-user mode.  I tried some
>simple commands, then found that I couldn't do much because I had a read-only
>file system!!  How did this happen to me?  How do I fix it?

Do a `mount -u -w -a`.  The -u says to update already-mounted systems, the
-w is to set it read/write, the -a says to do all filesystems.

>Also, after I hit control-D to enter multi-user mode, there were various
>messages about "No such file or directory" (from the execution of init).
>Finally a "login:" prompt came up.  Oops.  What are the magic logins and
>passwords? :-)

root should get you in fine.  To add accounts, edit /etc/master.passwd (be
sure to note the extra fields between the uid/group and GECOS fields), then
do a pwd.mkdb -p /etc/passwd.

>By the way, booting in multi-user mode failed for some reason after the date
>prompt came up and I hit return.

Seems to happen to a lot of people.  Never happened to me, though...

Hope this helps.

Steven R. Allen -