Subject: Re: Running on SE/30; now what?
To: Franklin Chen <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/15/1994 10:42:41
> After spending four hours installing Alpha2 and the latest kernel on my SE/30,
> I managed to get it running by booting in single-user mode.  I tried some
> simple commands, then found that I couldn't do much because I had a read-only
> file system!!  How did this happen to me?  How do I fix it?

Single-user comes up with root mounted r/o by default.  This allows you
to try to repair it before mounting.  To mount it, "mount -u /" should
work, but it's been a while--I might have the options wrong...

> Also, after I hit control-D to enter multi-user mode, there were various
> messages about "No such file or directory" (from the execution of init).
> Finally a "login:" prompt came up.  Oops.  What are the magic logins and
> passwords? :-)

You should set them in single-user mode after mounting root r/w.

> By the way, booting in multi-user mode failed for some reason after the date
> prompt came up and I hit return.

Errr...  Could you be more specific.  It might be peeved that some
directory or another is inaccessible (non-existant).

The next release will have all the directories...


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