Subject: Re: NETBSD.940111, Alpha2 on SE/30 success!!!
To: None <>
From: Richard Todd <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/14/1994 00:25:00
In servalan.mailinglist.macbsd writes:

>Interesting question:  Why does etc/rc ask for the date and time when it
>can read it just fine from the Mac clock?

Actually, if you just hit return at that prompt, you'll see that the Unix
clock has been already set from the Mac clock.  

Well, almost.

At least for me, it sets the Unix clock from the Mac clock, but it doesn't 
take into account the GMT offset.  That is, my machine under MacOS keeps time
in CST (GMT-6hours).  When NetBSD boots, it takes that time as if it were the
GMT time, and sets the Unix clock accordingly.  Thus when I log in, and do
a 'date', with the localtime appropriately set for my timezone, date 
computes the time in CST and shows me a date/time that's 6 hours in the past.

I tried fiddling the 'GMT offset' field in the booter preferences, but it
didn't do anything.  

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