Subject: Re: Problems with netbsd.940111
To: Andrew P. Herdman <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/13/1994 23:03:04
> It's important to me.  But i guess your job has to have priority.> 

Of course work has priority...  If it's *that* important to you, it's
probably just a change in the size of the proc structure, and ps can
be fixed by simply recompiling.  Perhaps recompiling libutil, first.

> Doh! WIFE! (or somthing similar).  Mann it's amazing anything gets done
> with wifes around

Not the former, but I lost two hours from work today--tasting samples
of and looking over pictures of expensive cakes...  I am almost to
zombie state.  I haven't been this far gone in a couple of years.
Something about spending over 120 hours at work so far this year...


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