Subject: Intn'l keyboard support ?
To: None <>
From: Laurent Demailly <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/13/1994 01:45:11
It would be great that instead of using an (hardcoded?) amercican
keyboard mapping, macbsd uses the KCHR in use when the booter is
launched, or at least have a way to use int'l keyboards (french azerty
for instance).
If you point me toward the right source code , I may try myself...
I trust that using the keycode - sym from MacOS might help using weird
keyboards like powerbook's too, what do you think ?

Another Q btw : *which* ftp site is the one were the latest stuff can
be found ? (i plan to mirror it in europe if possible)
(maybe update the FAQ : it tells that hulk is the one were uploads are
made and this seems wrong nowadays... (it tells to install 1.tar,...
too !!))

Go on doing the great job you are doing !


Ps : i have a duo230 4/120 (screen broke today :/) and an SE/30
8/40+170 with added lapis 8 bit 640x480 display (640x481 tells
macbsd!) if my hardware can help fot testing something...