Subject: Re: What do I need
To: macbsd-general mailing list <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/12/1994 15:04:36
> > need another unix box to unzip the tars, right?  Then use the install 
> > utility and "install" them.  Which kernel do I use (IIcx 5/100, apple video)
> Unzip the files some how.  If you are already running, why not just cpin
> the tared gziped files and un tar/zip them there.  The cx uses the
> se30/II kernel.

There are a couple of implementations of gzip as a mac application.
For instance, 

should do the trick.

- monroe

P.S. - Maybe someone should put a copy of one of these on the MacBSD
    FTP site (checking distribution restrictions first, of course :-).