Subject: My attempts at Alpha2 on an SE/30...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/12/1994 09:33:56
>   Configuration:
>     Mac SE/30, 8MB RAM, Quantam 240S partitioned with APS 2.73,
>       external color monitor (set to 1-bit mode) with a
>       "Lapis ColorServer LC & PDS/30 -21 board".

This is pretty close to my configuration and it sounds like we get the 
same symptom...  

> I have modified the owner and permissions for sbin/init and dev/console,
> as suggested by someone else.

How are people doing this?  The installer I have does not have a 
chmod/chown function and I can't get BSD to boot.  What am I missing?  

> I read the mail about turning on 32-bit mode prior to booting Alpha2,
> and decided to try it.  No version (either Alpha 35 or the latest
> Alpha2) will boot with the 32-bit enabler installed and 32-bit mode
> enabled - no grey bars, just the part up to shooting your dog.

Now this rings a bell.  I remember early on discovering that the 32-bit
enabler from Apple was not compatible with MacBSD on the SE/30.  Gossip at
the time revealed that it was not good for A/UX either but that Mode32
(available from I think) was.  Maybe this is
worth a try.  I will be giving it a bash about 12 hours from now (I'm at
work away from my machine) but if you try first, let me know how it goes.

> I have enough space for now on the UNIX partition that I have both
> versions installed, the working Alpha 35 version and the latest
> Alpha2.

Ahh, this is the trick to chown/chmod!  Wish I had that much space...