Subject: Re: Alpha2 on SE/30
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/12/1994 09:25:28
> I wish we had enough money to keep a lab of all machines available
> for testing...  Just keep the feedback coming; we'll try to work you

Pppzzooooowwwww!!!! Screeeeeeecccccchhhhhhh!!!!!   Ahh, Hendrix.  8-)

Anyway, I made some progress....

> Uh...  The MacSideUtils have changed significantly.
> The most current MacSideUtils are the contents of MacSideUtils.cpt.bin
> on cray-ymp, substituting newbooter-8k_4k for the Booter.

In fact, this worried me so I loaded it down again.  The installer seemed
to report that it was 0.2 -- I already had 0.3 so I don't know whats going
on but continued to use 0.3 anyway

> replace the distribution "netbsd" or simply boot from "netbsd.II"
> until you're comfortable with it.  An alternative would be
> "netbsd.CI.bin," which we know runs on a Mac II with an '030
> accelerator.  Let us know how much luck you have with either of
> these.  (I assume you already copied down netbsd.II, or you wouldn't
> have included the discussion on locore.)

All of the following were done with the 8k/4k booter in 24 bit mode.

netbsd.ii:	freezes after 1 (ONE) gray-bar	22 gray-bars (yowee! thats the first time I have seen that
		many) then freeze
netbsd-current: (This was #11 23 Dec 23:09:15)
		boots right up to 
		"A: Root 'A/UX Root'  .....
		 B: Swap 'Swap' .....
		and then freezes.  Console swapping seems to work cos the
		screen flickers but there are no shells or logins anywhere.

> 1) Please let me know what the dates are on those applications, and try
>    the most recent ones when you get FTP service again.

I haven't re-mkfs'd the disk and I assumed that 0.3 was better than 0.2 so
embarassingly I appear to have ignored this almost completely.  If you 
like, I can go back and do it .....