Subject: Alpha2 on the LCII (again)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/11/1994 09:55:52
the "run in 32bit mode" is a good suggestion but sadly this is worse. i should
have mentioned that in my first post - sorry. if i try to boot in 32bit mode
i get no bars at all. the booter crashes right after the "this will probably
not work" dialog. so, could any Alice team like person tell me where this has
gone wrong? i didn't expect it to work, i just wanted to find out why not and
maybe help someone to rectify the problem.

on another note, i got MacMint down last night and had a go with it. very
clever. i thought i might look into getting a cross-os development thingy
working and see if its possible to compile a macbsd kernel in macmint.

i'm really looking forward to being able to get a free ada (gnat) running on
a free unix on my mac, then i can do my project work at home (tcp-ip
distributed systems in ada, in case anyone is interested).

jonathan (wearing his "lets all be nice to each other" t-shirt)

Jonathan AH Hogg, Electronic and Software Engineering, University of Glasgow
54/6 Shelley Court, Glasgow, G12 0XD || 041 357 2835 ||