Subject: Re: You know, this has potential for some great games...
To: None <>
From: Adam Lang <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/11/1994 00:39:47
>I was talking with a PC afecionado the other day, and we both agreed that
>the reason there are much better games on the PC is that the PC lets you
>get right at the hardware and do whatever you want with it, whereas the
>Macintosh forces you do do a waltz with the system software and it does
>nasty things to you if you step on its feet.
>"Hmmmmm," says I.  "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm."
>I would *love* to see some technical writeups -- or, better yet, code
>libraries! -- from the ALICE team that would help people write games that
>have direct access to the hardware.  The 040 could easily step on the 486
>when it's not saddled with a windowing system!

Well, uh, yeah.  But since each Mac has such different hardware, it'd be a
hell of a lot of work to get the thing running on more than one Mac at a
time... probably noticably more work than getting it running on 386/486
with different video cards et al.

Further, I would guess that Apple DOES release this sort of information to
their developers (under nondisclosure agreements), so...


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