Subject: Re: Alpha2 on SE/30
To: None <>
From: Real Artificial Leather-like Brad Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/10/1994 17:41:55
> Well, I appear to have taken a huge step backwards.

I wish we had enough money to keep a lab of all machines available
for testing...  Just keep the feedback coming; we'll try to work you
to a functional installation.  (Just toggle the "Function" button
in the booter. :)

> I downloaded all the Alpha2 tar files, including the additional .gz 
> ones

The Alpha2 .gz files on are identical to the .Z files
on cray-ymp.  (Just smaller.)

> Stupidly, I 
> assumed the installer (0.3) would overwrite and it did for the most 
> part.

Our installer could use some work (which it is supposed to be getting,)
but then again, the installer can't know which files you've changed
to your individual tastes!  My general policy is to save anything
I've changed into a tar/cpio/gzip/?? archive, "cpout" it, MKFS,
intall the new tars, "cpin" my archive, and reassemble (as much
as possible.)

> I had no idea whether it was all intact so I bit the bullet and 
> re-mkfs'd the disk using the ORIGINAL MacSideTools (from way back when 
> I first got it to work) -- this hasn't changed, has it?  

Uh...  The MacSideUtils have changed significantly.
The most current MacSideUtils are the contents of MacSideUtils.cpt.bin
on cray-ymp, substituting newbooter-8k_4k for the Booter.

> I then installed netbsd.ii -- is this supposed to be a MacBinary file 
> that has been gzipped?  What weird set of steps got it to that state?  

kernels/netbsd.II.bin is the current Mac II kernel.  It is a
MacBinary encapsulation of the uncompressed "netbsd.II" file.
You should be able to download this through any smart terminal
program into "netbsd.II," which you will then have to "cpin"
to your BSD partition.  It's up to you whether you want to
replace the distribution "netbsd" or simply boot from "netbsd.II"
until you're comfortable with it.  An alternative would be
"netbsd.CI.bin," which we know runs on a Mac II with an '030
accelerator.  Let us know how much luck you have with either of
these.  (I assume you already copied down netbsd.II, or you wouldn't
have included the discussion on locore.)

> Looking in the copy of locore.s that I have from a while back seems to imply
> that this is somewhere here ....

You're right that the memory search is between the 1st and 2nd graybars,
but it doesn't actually DO anything!  (That's another whole flame.)

*** I would guess that your problem results from a combination of running
    the old MKFS, the old Installer, and the old Booter.

1) Please let me know what the dates are on those applications, and try
   the most recent ones when you get FTP service again.
2) Try netbsd.II again.
3) Try netbsd.CI and let us know how far it gets...

Good luck!