Subject: Alpha2 on LCII
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/10/1994 13:00:57
ok, i decided to give the new CI kernel a go for the hell of it to see what
would happen. i have: LCII + fpu and 6Mb ram. have a 40 meg A/UX Root partition
and a 22Mb A/UX Swap partition (just filling up the rest of the drive!).
i run the booter with VM off and in 24bit mode. get all the usual diagnostics
then the dog poem and the "this will probably not work on your machine, go
ahead anyway" dialog. then i get erm... 22 bars i think (doesn't do the last
two anyway) and then its mr hangup.

my question is guys, what is it crashing on? is there any info i could supply
that would maybe get around this? i'm no expert mac programmer but i have
access to friends who are and some information. anything i can do to help the
cause? (and get unix on my mac :-)

and on another note, can we all give this Apple/FSF/MicroSoft slagging match
a rest huh? its just wasting bandwidth. i already get 40 or so messages a day
without having to trundle through bags of flames. i thought this list was for
discussion on macbsd.


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