Subject: Mac LCIII (P450) results
To: None <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/10/1994 01:59:38
Just ot enlighten you all on teh LCIII (Performa 450) results: :-)
NetBSD.current: 8 bars
NetBSD.CI     : 0 bars
NetBSD.II     : 8 bars

Using Booter 8/4K

ON: LCIII (P450), 4MB RAM, Big HD, nothing but the kernel installed.
    No FPU. 256colors for .current, 2 colors for rest.

Gripes: Install Utility still needs a MathCo! :-(
        No easy way to change kernels for quick testing (hmmm: drag and 
           drop a netbsd* file into fpu-clean install util and it installs 
           it as kernel. Why DOES the install util need a fpu?!
        It still don't work on the LCIII :-)

Oh, and here's a neat tidbit, Conetix RamDouber will cause teh boot to 
freeze before grey bars, after the instructiosn to shoot my dog :-)

                    -Rob Hagopian
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