Subject: Alpha2 on SE/30
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/10/1994 09:44:41
Well, I appear to have taken a huge step backwards.

I downloaded all the Alpha2 tar files, including the additional .gz 
ones - took a not inconsiderable time since the damn diskettes I used 
to move from work (where I can download from the net at a reasonable 
speed) to home (where I use MacBSD) seemed to love to die.  TWICE, on 
different disks, I had usr.bin.tar not make it home in one piece.  

Because I am doing all this on a Syquest removable, I did not have the 
luxury of renaming directories and loading a second copy.  Stupidly, I 
assumed the installer (0.3) would overwrite and it did for the most 
part.  Except that the calls to 'mknod()' and 'symlink()' fail, as does 
the creation of hard links to files.

I had no idea whether it was all intact so I bit the bullet and 
re-mkfs'd the disk using the ORIGINAL MacSideTools (from way back when 
I first got it to work) -- this hasn't changed, has it?  

I then installed netbsd.ii -- is this supposed to be a MacBinary file 
that has been gzipped?  What weird set of steps got it to that state?  

Running the new 4/8k booter gave me the 123+456+789 line and the 
little poem that ends with shooting my dog.  

Then I get 1 (ONE) gray bar before the mac freezes.


Looking in the copy of locore.s that I have from a while back seems to imply
that this is somewhere here ....

	jbsr	_gray_bar		| first greybar call, we needed stack
					| that above gives us
| store mac passed vars.
	movl	d7,_boothowto		| save reboot flags
	movl	d6,_bootdev		|   and boot device
	movl	d6,_root_scsi_id	|   and boot device

| A4 is passed (was) from MacOS as the very last page in physical memory
	jsr	_get_top_of_ram		| Get amount of memory in machine
	movl	d0,lastpage		| save very last page of memory

	movl	d4,d0
	andl	#0x00010000,d0
	beq	no_serial_boot
	movb	#0x01, _serial_boot_echo

	jbsr	_gray_bar

Now I remember, from some mail somewhere, that the parameters are no longer
passed via registers so I assume that my locore.s is wayouta date.  Assuming
that the bars didn't move too much, I assume that I am dying in the memory
search but I can't understand why it would happen now unless someone broke
something.  I also recall seeing some mail about "SPECIFY THE AMOUNT OF RAM YOU
HAVE IN BANK A" but this was for iici users, not us SE/30 people.  Anyway, I 
tried specifying 4 meg instead of 8.  Didn't help!

Any clues?

Just to add assault to injury, the machine that I use to get FTP 
access to sun-lamp, cray-ymp, etc appears to be down, probably for 
school holidays.  So I have to resort to ftpmail which is not the most 
reliable or speedy mechanism - any offers to mail me the stuff I need 
would be greatly appreciated (but I realise how greedy this is!) 

Lots of pertinent info follows (as if anyone cares)

SCSI Device Map (from SCSIProbe)
ID	Type	Vendor	Product			Version
0	Disk	Quantum	LP105S 910109405	3.2
5	Disk	SyQuest	SQ5110			CFA
6	Disk	NEC	D3856			0010
7	CPU	Apple	SE30			$0178

MacEnvy           System Environment Report (2.1)
Filename:         MacEnvy Report
Report Date:      Monday, 27 September 1993  8:06:37 AM

Item              Type/Status
----------------  --------------------------------------------------------
Machine:          Macintosh SE/30

Memory:           8192K  (8 megabytes)
Processor:        Motorola 68030
Coprocessor:      MC68882 installed
PMMU Chip:        Installed (in 68030)
Sound Chip:       Installed (ASC rev.8)
Graphics:         32-Bit Color QuickDraw
Keyboard:         ADB Standard (U.S.)
ADB Devices:      2 devices attached
SCSI Chip:        NCR 53C80 installed
Clock Chip:       New clock chip (256 bytes)
ROM Version:      256K (Version 120), rev. 3
ROM C7 Info:      $97221136 (IIx,IIcx,SE/30)

System:           Version 7.1  (1333K)
Finder:           Version B1-7.1
MultiFinder:      File is not present.
Localized For:    Great Britain (2)
File System:      HFS (Hierarchical)
Debugger:         No debugger installed
RAM Cache:        32K, cache enabled
Current App:      "Finder"
User Name:        (not specified)
Printing To:      StyleWriter II
AppleTalk*:       AppleTalk is not loaded.
File Server:      No remote volumes found

SCSI Devices:     0 - - - - 5 6 7
SCSI Drives:      2 SCSI drives (ID 0, 6)
Sony Drives:      1=FDHD, 2=800K, 3=None
Controller:       SWIM chip (MFM/GCR)
Other Drives:     None
Boot Volume:      Calvin  (101 MB)
Volume Use:       87386K used, 13688K free
Catalog Info:     1513 files, 169 folders
Catalog Size:     802K + 802K extents
Last Backup:      Never backed up
Boot Blocks:      (unknown partition type)
Startup App:      "(unknown)"

Monitors:         2 screen devices
Main Screen:      512 x 342 pixels
 Pixel Depth:     1 bit/pixel (monochrome)
Aux Screen:       640 x 481 pixels
 Pixel Depth:     8 bits/pixel (color)
NuBus Slots:      2 slots used
Slot 9 Card:      Lapis ColorServer* LC & PDS/30 -17 Vide{}~
Slot A Card:      (no card present)
Slot B Card:      (no card present)
Slot C Card:      (no card present)
Slot D Card:      (no card present)
Slot E Card:      Macintosh SE/30 Internal Video

PRAM Status:      Last write valid ($A8)
Modem Port:       9600 baud, D=8, S=2, N
Printer Port:     9600 baud, D=8, S=2, N %
Startup Dev:      SCSI drive at ID 0
Default Font:     Geneva
Speaker Vol:      Current setting = 1
Mouse Setup:      Dbl-Click = 32, Scaling: On
Key Repeat:       Rate = 4, Threshold = 24
Blink Rates:      Caret = 12, Menu: 2 times
Latitude:         37! 50' 0" South
Longitude:        145! 0' 0" East
Time Zone:        10 hr, 0 min east of GMT