Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: None <,>
From: Dave Slotter <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/09/1994 21:49:28
Anita Holmgren writes:

[text deleted for brevity]

> Apple may be upgrading existing versions of A/UX, but Apple has said that
> they are not putting A/UX on any new machines.  So no A/UX on the
> PowerBooks, the AV machines, etc.

Whom at Apple has told you this?  I am capable of believing that they aren't
going to continue developing Unix for new 68K Macs, now that PPC is around
the corner, but I hardly believe that Apple won't make a version of Unix
available for the PowerPC Macintoshes. Could you document your sources at
Apple, please?

> I admit to not having seen the latest Press Release on A/UX 3.1....but I
> don't expect that it will invalidate anything I have said.

No, it hasn't. They increased I/O speed and included bug fixes, which will
help their AWS95 market. There was a copy of the press release posted on
comp.unix.aux. On request, I can dig it out and mail it to the list.

> Of course, I'm not exactly impartial. :-)

Quite correct, as I recognize your name and company. Tenon develops MachTen,
correct?  It might help if you identify your interests a little better in
future mailings to the list.  I'm curious, however, of your interest in this
mailing list.  If I may be as bold as to ask, do you have technical or
business interest here?  Your answer will help me better understand your

Thank you.

-Dave Slotter