Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: None <>
From: Dave Slotter <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/09/1994 15:46:46
Rob Hagopian writes:

[lots of text deleted for brevity]

> How interesting, the last I heard was that Apple was practically 
> discontinuing development of A/UX... Have they said which machines it 
> will run on? Yes, that was basically my assumption all along, and if A/UX 
> IS still going to be developed, then yes, voom, there goes my idea too :-)
> (and could you send me a copy of the release if conveinant?)

You can't run A/UX on some of the very newest machines, but you can run it on
some new machines like the Quadra 610 and 650 computers. For a complete list,
look for the A/UX FAQ in the comp.unix.aux newsgroup or FTP it from

[a little more text deleted for brevity]

> > Even though it's heavier, I *can* run A/UX on it!
> Doh! But you can't run A/UX on a Plane... :-) (plus mine has dedicated 
> VRAM, so I think it's a closer candidate than teh IIsi... but mabye 
> not... :-) )
>                     -Rob Hagopian

Actually, I've heard of kits to adapt a SE/30 into a laptop. You can run A/UX
on a SE/30, but who would want to go all that trouble just to run A/UX in the
air?  I'd rather run MacBSD in the air, but would have to figure a way to
adapt the IIsi to a laptop configuration! ;)