Subject: Re: To further complicate the issue...
To: None <>
From: Adam Lang <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 19:52:16
>Milo Sharp writes:
>[text deleted for brevity]
>>       In other words, I doubt Apple would mind telling you what you need to
>> know to port BSD, as we're no threat to them.  But there are other people who
>> could pose a threat to their monopoly (NuTek's recent Macintosh clone comes
>> to mind...) who could learn a lot about Apple's designs by studying the code
>> for a fully-ported MacBSD...
>Actually, Milo, you have given me a wonderful idea. Why doesn't the Alice/
>MacBSD group ask NuTek for help?  It's worth a try, even though it may fail
>for other reasons.
>-Dave Slotter

Insofar as I understand it, NuTEK's Macintosh clone is reverse-engineered,
and not even based on remotely similar hardware.  In fact, they have to run
each program that they want to work on the machine and tweak the software
until it actually works.  They might (MIGHT!) be able to give some clues
about toolbox stuff, et al., but I find it unlikely that they'd know much
about the low-level stuff that MacBSD is doing.  No reason to... they're
not using Macintoshes, they're using their machines and trying to get Mac
programs (that assumedly don't make hardware-level calls at all) to run on

Of course, it still could be worth a try.

--Adam Lang

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