Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: Space Case <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 18:59:38
On Sat, 8 Jan 1994, Space Case wrote:

> Robert Hagopian <> wrote:
> Try telling that to DEC, just to name another example.  Their PDP-11 and
> MicroVAX machines were very open, and third-party enhancements made them
> very popular.  In later machines, they became closed-lipped and sued
> anybody who dared reverse-engineer their products to build enhancements.
> And now look at them -- struggling to survive, they are literally depending
> on Alpha to bail out the company.  It is only when the products become
> obsolete that DEC gives out any information any more.
> This is the same path that Apple has taken.  The Apple II was an open
> machine, immensely popular.  With the Mac, especially the newer models,
> information is increasingly difficult to come by.  They will probably
> take the info to their collective company grave.

But thankfully, they're slowly changing.... lots of info is available for 
the PPC... :-)
                    -Rob Hagopian