Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: None <>
From: David Condon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 17:54:49
Bill Johnston said:

>Just understand that when you spend your time deciphering
>undocumented chips, and working around boycotts, etc. ...
>you're making it easier for companies like Apple to get
>away with making it harder to hack in the future.

I am very sympathetic to the anti-Apple position, even though I own a mac. The
idea of "look and feel" makes my skin crawl with the shackles it puts on
creativity. But then the GNU folks turn around and say that of course since
we want to punish Apple, we should support their competitors (Microsoft). I
mean, would you rather be hanged or shot? Which is worse, Apple's disgusting
lawsuits or Microsoft's obnoxious shoddy software and their vice-like grip on
the market? And which really does more damage in the long run?

"Yes, we plot no less than the destruction of the West. Just the other day a
friend and I came up with the most pernicious academic scheme to date for
toppling the West: He will kneel behind the West on all fours. I will push it
backwards over him."  -- Michael Berube              **