Subject: None
To: Adam Lang <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 14:45:00
> Maybe I'm just naive, but if someone took a book that I wrote, studied it
> minutely, copied the plot (making absolutely sure that they didn't copy any
> of the actual text) as closely as they possibly could given the
> circumstances, and then published their own copy, which then went on to
> outsell my book X to one, where X is an unreasonably high number, I'd be
> pissed too.

Of course you would.   And you'd be protected under copyright law.
However, that's not what Microsoft did, so your point isn't
particularly relevant to the suit.   I am curious, though - if the
books are substantially the same, why would one sell better than the

Microsoft Windows, as described in the suit, does not look or feel
very much like MacOS - I prefer the latter greatly.  Apple's suit is
very simply a case of a rich and powerful company trying to stay that
way by preventing people from competing with them, rather than by
having the best product.

> Out of curiosity, have FSF and LPF set any actions by Apple that will make
> them review their decision, or have they just decided to hate Apple
> forevermore?

Apple has only to drop its suit and declare that it no longer intends
to attempt to create and enforce a monopoly on a generalized look and