Subject: alpha2 and various video cards
To: None <>
From: Chas J Williams III <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 15:00:36
this is a just a little info about some problems i had with booting alpha2
on my home machine.

basically, i couldn't boot alpha2 (i didn't try alpha1) with the old or new
booter on my home mac iicx.  bascially, an 8m machine, with 2 drives.  the
one special thing about it though is that it has a supermac 8/24 card driving
a 13" monitor.  both and netbsd.ii failed (about the same places,
6 or 7 grey bars)  i was able to borrow a plain jane apple 8-bit card, and
lo and behold it did boot to the friendly '#'

i must also point out i tried booting macbsd on one of mac iicx's at work.
it has a third party 19" 8-bit display (again 8m memory).  it worked! 
however, when you come to the bottom of the screen you get a panic.  oh well :)

in closing, i was quite pleased to see a free unix on mac  it gives me a 
warm fuzzy feeling inside when i see the boot diagnostics flow across the
screen... (unlike certain other hex display based hardware)


--chas iii