Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: Dave Slotter <>
From: Robert Hagopian <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/08/1994 02:11:14
On Fri, 7 Jan 1994, Dave Slotter wrote:

> I disagree with your statement that Apple would be more willing if you got
> the word out to the press saying that Apple was sitting on their butts.  If
> anything, that would give them more reason not to be cooperative.  In addition,
> Apple is a company. It is also a for-profit company meaning they aren't going
> to use any of their resources to help a "competitor" (meaning the Alice group)
> build an product (MacBSD) which would compete directly with one of their
> existing products (A/UX). It just doesn't make sense.

I disagree, as Apple has stopped development of A/UX... (there have been 
no new versions in any recent history, I believe the last gave support to 
the 950 or such... way back when...) As such, we can only be helping 
Apple, as third party products do, by providing services that Apple 
doesn't. And being a for-profit company this can only help :-)...

> BTW, if the MacBSD/Alice development group needs to borrow a IIsi, let me
> know and we'll work out arrangements. It would be a lot cheaper than renting
> since you'd just have to pay shipping (and I could probably boot half).

Ditto, if you guys want to port it to the Duo 230, I'd be happy to ship 
it off... (and it's lighter than a IIsi... :-) )

                    -Rob Hagopian
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