Subject: Test Sites Wanted
To: None <>
From: Real Artificial Leather-like Brad Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/07/1994 21:22:42
It occurs to me that it would be nice to have a set of users willing
to test out new kernels before we here in Alice shove them into our
FTP directory.

If you have a machine conforming to one of the following configurations
and would like to be a test site for a new kernel, please send mail to  I would like to send you a copy of our new
kernel each time we have a new incremental release ready, before we
announce and upload it.

	Mac IIx
	Mac IIci with NuBus video card and at least 4M in RAM Bank B
	Mac IIci with only internal video and at least 4M in RAM Bank B
	Mac IIsi with NuBus video card
	Mac IIsi with only internal video
	Mac IIvx (does IIvx have internal video?)

The reason I post only about these particular models is that we have
ports of NetBSD/Mac running on machines of the same class.  Our ports
to the Quadra, Powerbook, Performa, and so on are still in the research
stage, but as ports become available for testing we will request more
test sites.  As usual, we welcome the loan of Macs of all types for

	If you have tried a kernel on a machine and it DID or DID NOT
work please report to "alice" or "macbsd-general" how many diagnostic
gray bars you saw and how far into the boot sequence the kernel
progressed.  Also helpful would be the name of the kernel, the site on
which you found it, and the compile number (which is the #?? in the
kernel banner at the top of the boot screen. ) I'm working on a
standardized software problem report form, which should be available

	-Brad "Of course it runs on a Mac IIqe" Grantham