Subject: Re: Apple information...
To: None <>
From: Dave Slotter <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/07/1994 23:48:22
> On Fri, 7 Jan 1994, Scott Kaplan wrote:

[text deleted for brevity]

> I bet that getting the word about MacBSD out to MacWeek/World/User and 
> describign the delays from apple would get something done... I bet that 
> yo're right, many people would buy macs if they knew there was a free 
> native unix... (besides A/UX...) Although considerign Apple is designing 
> Unix to run its new file server...

[more text deleted for brevity]

I disagree with your statement that Apple would be more willing if you got
the word out to the press saying that Apple was sitting on their butts.  If
anything, that would give them more reason not to be cooperative.  In addition,
Apple is a company. It is also a for-profit company meaning they aren't going
to use any of their resources to help a "competitor" (meaning the Alice group)
build an product (MacBSD) which would compete directly with one of their
existing products (A/UX). It just doesn't make sense.

I think that keeping it low key during development and getting help through
individual people inside of Apple would produce a lot more. Of course, I may
be wrong about that, but I do think that your approach would do more harm
than good.

-Dave Slotter

BTW, if the MacBSD/Alice development group needs to borrow a IIsi, let me
know and we'll work out arrangements. It would be a lot cheaper than renting
since you'd just have to pay shipping (and I could probably boot half).