Subject: re: IIci support
To: None <>
From: Real Artificial Leather-like Brad Grantham <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/07/1994 00:05:19 and
> You recently pointed me in the direction of your new ci kernel.  We are 
> not quite sure whats going on but it crashed.  For future reference, we 
> have a Mac IIci with 8 Megs of ram and a radius 24bit video card with an 
> apple 16" monitor. I have dedicated a 60 MB hard 
> drive to the cause creating a 16 MB swap partition and the root&usr part 
> is 40 megs.  my partitioning software insisted on the rest being an 
> 'escatology' or something partition.  Anyway.  We were wondering what 
> the bare minimum installation would be to do a test for booter 
> compatibility.  We want to eliminate vaiables.  The tar files i 
> downloaded from the net were numbered 1 to 13.

My suggestion is that you make sure of the following:
	1) you're using the Alpha2/*.tar.Z files off of
	2) you're using the MacSideUtils.cpt.bin off cray-ymp, except
		replace "MacBSD booter" with newbooter-8k_4k.cpt.bin.
	3) you're using the kernels/netbsd.CI kernel also off cray-ymp.
	4) you have enabled 32-bit execution from the "Memory" control
	5) now here's the screwy part.  I can't remember if we ran the
		CI kernel with the internal video connected to a monitor
		or not.  Please try both ways if you can.  I suspect you
		need the internal video disabled.  (That just means no
		monitor connected.)
	6) your fingers are crossed.

Please let us know in excruciating detail how many graybars you get,
what settings you used in the booter, where you got your tar files and
so on...  Too much information is almost enough.

		      Brad Grantham,