Subject: Re: your mail (fwd)
To: Andrew P. Herdman <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/06/1994 14:29:51
Andrew P. Herdman
> On Thu, 6 Jan 1994, Michael Finch wrote:
> > The "too many scsi disks error reconfig kernel" message is no big
> > deal.  I get it on my drive.  The error is harmless and hopefully
> > will be fixed.
> Actually it's a big deal for me.  My SCSI 0 drive gets queried 7 times, so
> macbsd ignores my SCSI 1 drive, where i have another partition.  When i
> mount the second partition all it does is mount my original partition on
> /usr2 :(

True.  You will always be able to use your root drive, the others will be ify.
I guess, i'll see if I can recompile with 15 scsi devices (will
that work? (Brad,Chris, Lar??))


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