Subject: Re: your mail (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/06/1994 01:43:13
I'm gonna address many points here, not just his.  Sorry, if the
response time was slow --  but Allen and myself were in Illionis on
business for the last 4 days.  Allen, is still out on business, I
was lucky and got to come home.

For the MacII,cx,se30,iix use the netbsd.ii kernel
For all other machines use the kernel.

It works with system 6, 7.0.1 and 7.1.

The "too many scsi disks error reconfig kernel" message is no big
deal.  I get it on my drive.  The error is harmless and hopefully
will be fixed.

Jody Bivens
> my Macintosh IIcx, despite careful reading of the instructions
> I have not been able to make MacBSD run after one frustrating
>    1. The documentation did not mention if MacBSD will not
>       work with System 7 (at 24 or 32 bits). I'm currently
>       using System 7.1 (at 24 bits since I don't have more
>       than 8 Megs of memory). Will this pose a problem?

>    2. I turned on the gray bars after following the installation
>       instructions to the letter but it kept giving me the
>           "Too many scsi disk..(8 > 7) reconfigure kernel"
>       error message. The gray bars did cover my entire 13" color
>       monitor (which was set at 1-bit B&W mode). I am using the
>       "netbsd.ii" kernel.
>          a. Is this kernel the source of the error?
>          b. Am I correct in my assumption that the kernel hasto
>             be copied (using cpin) to the root directory? And
>             renamed "netbsd"?
It needs to be in the root dir, it can be named anything -- just
make sure the booter is set to load that file name.

>          c. Finally, how do I reconfigure the kernel? (Sorry,
>             I've never reconfigured a kernel before).
Download the sources and recompile.  But it won't solve this problem.


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