Subject: Some hints if crashing...
To: MacBSD General Discussion <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/04/1994 23:59:03
Several people have said recently that they are having some problems
when booting right after the disks are mounted.  Remember to always try
a new kernel in single-user mode (by setting that option in the
booter).  If you're getting "panic: init died", then make sure that you
have /sbin/init and /bin/sh and that they are executable (at least
---x--x--x).  You can check this through the installer.  Also make sure
that /dev/console exists and has r/w permissions.  If you're not
getting anything after the mounts, then it might be a problem with
/dev/console because sh just has no way to print anything.  Try to
re-download the /dev directory or the /sbin and /bin directories and
boot in single-user mode.  This will minimize the possible problems.

Hope this helps some of you; let us know if you're successful
and what you did.