Subject: Help!
To: None <>
From: Milo Sharp - UAF Academic Comput <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 01/03/1994 15:09:43
	Now, I had Alpha2 running (albeit with many bugs) on my IIcx before I
went home for Christmas break.  I came back, did a brand new mkfs, installed
all but the /usr/share tar files, put in both the new netbsd-CI and netbsd-II
kernels (wasn't sure which a IIcx would want), and threw the new booter on my
Mac Partition.
	Now it doesn't seem to work properly.  In fact, despite getting all
the bars with the netbsd-II kernel (almost all the the CI kernel), I never get
past the point where it checks the drives. It runs fine down to the point 
where it tells me:
	B: Swap "Swap" garblegarblegarble
	A: Root "A/UX Root" garblegarblegarble
	And then stops.  It's not locked up, I know that, because I can still
switch to the other virtual consoles (all of which are blank), but it doesn't
do anything else.  What gives?  And what can I do to fix it?
	I'm also having problems with it registering my HD at all 8 logical
unit numbers, and telling me to reconfigure my kernel, but I had that problem
before I left, and it still at least gave me a prompt before it stopped 
	Other than this problem, great work!  Even getting this far is a hell
of an achievement!  
Milo Sharp