Subject: Re: MacBSD for Mac IIsi
To: Laurent Demailly <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/31/1993 14:30:20
Laurent Demailly
>  "Steve" == Steve Schnell, Sprint Corporation <> writes:
>     Steve> Dear Sirs: At the risk of being redundant to the thousands
>     Steve> of questions probably already asked: when will MacBSD be
>     Steve> supported on the IIsi?  Your response would be appreciated.
> Same question for the powerbook duo 230 ?

"Sirs" -- Wow!  This list isn't that formal.  Right at this very
minute work is being done to make it so that it will boot on a Ci,
this should make the other machines boot.  Device drivers will
still be needed...  The Ci (hopefully) is days away.  I can't give
firm dates as to when the Si and duo will be supported just that
someday they will.

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