Subject: Selling a IIci
To: None <>
From: Chris Hanson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/28/1993 12:17:50
[Sorry to post to the general list, but my mail to the alice dudes went
unanswered and I'm afraid it didn't arrive.]

Hi everybody!  I just upgraded my CPU to a Centris 610 (I'm just gonna
replace the logic board when the PowerPC upgrades come out).
Therefore, I have a Mac IIci CPU with 5MB of RAM, an 80 MB Apple hard
drive, and an Apple cache card that I'm trying to get rid of.  Mac Sale
International offered me $700 -- I pay shipping.  What I'd rather do is
sell it to the MacBSD group, since I know that they need a machine to
port on. Therefore, I'd like to offer it at $700, I pay shipping, on a
very flexible payment plan.  I know the MacBSD group is strapped for
cash, so if they want it they can pay for it little by little, as long
as I get the full amount by August, 1994.  ALICE people, please let me
know what you think, because my order # with Mac Sale expires next
Monday and then my price goes down.  So, I'd like a reply before
1/1/94.  Thanks for your time.

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