Subject: Problems with Alpha2
To: bsd-general Mailling list <>
From: Andrew P. Herdman <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/23/1993 17:40:59
I don't know if this got out of my other account so i'm posting it 
again.  I'm having problems with the new Alpha2 release  The first 
problem is it reports 10 scsi devices, i have a sony 40 meg (the bsd 
drive) with the usr*root partition and swap partition.  It reports this 
drive 7 times.  I have a quantum 80 meg with a 11 meg unix partion on it 
and it reports this drive once, and it also acknowledges the existance of 
my optical drive.  

The next problem i have is that vipw can't read /etc/termcap.  I couldn't 
find termcap in the new distribution so i copied it from the old 
distribution into /etc/  well it still can't read it.  I think the 
program is looking elsewhere for the file but the error message wasn't 
updated for the path?  As it stands i can't change any passwords so i 
can't use the machine in multiuser mode :(

My final problem is when i mount my 11 meg partition on /usr2 the usr2 
becomes a copy of /.  The partition doesn't even appear.  Has anyone else 
had this problem?  The partition i am using is sd1a, this works with 
generic 48 so if anyone who worked on the code since then may know.

Thanks for your time.

I'd wish everyone a merry christmas but that's not politcally correct :(
So Happy Holiday's all!


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