Subject: Results of my first attempt (Mac II w Dove '030)
To: None <>
From: Bob Stratton <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/23/1993 07:10:11
Hi all,
The results of my first attempts to boot MacBSD:

Machine: Macintosh II, Rev A motherboard, Dove MaraThon 030 32MHz '030,
System 7.1, no 32bit system enabler. Apple NB Ethernet card (the A/ROSE one)

Disks: SCSI 0: 170MB Fujitsu, SCSI 6:40MB Quantum

Root&Usr slice 0 - on SCSI 6, approx 30MB
Swap - same device approx 8MB


Latest (4AM 23-December) kernel: 1 bar then hang.

Previous: all bars, startup screen, then SCSI 6 LUN 0 properly appears, 
followed by SCSI 0 LUN 0, then 7 more SCSI 6 appearances, followed by 
"reconfigure kernel message", audio and floppy sense messages, then hangs.

"" - no bars

"netbsd.nofpu" - no bars

I notice that System 7.1 doesn't let you completely disable the cache. I had 
never noticed that before and it's not a pleasant sight. 

What rev of the MAC OS are you guys running?

--Bob Stratton