Subject: MacBSD problems
To: None <>
From: Santa's little helper <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/22/1993 15:13:37
	I'm installing MacBSD on a IIcx with 5megs of ram, and a 40 megabyte
HD.  The installation, once I got into it, went fairly well.  Now it boots,
without too much trouble.  I do get two errors during startup:
	1) It claims there are too many SCSI devices (8>7) and tells me I
should reconfigure the kernel.
	2) It gives me "Can't open /dev/rsd0g: Device not configured".  Then 
it tells it can't check file system; I'm supposed to run fsck manually.
Fsck runs fine on /dev/rsd0a, my root directory, but then has a cow on 
/dev/rsd0g just like the automatic run did.
	I should mention I have the drive partitioned...  one 2 meg Mac volume,
a four meg swap, and a 34 meg root partition.  (Or similar, might be 2-2-36.)
I can't remember exactly.  Can anyone tell me what the problem here is?  I'm
not new to the Mac, but a beginner on Unix admin...