Subject: Current => bleah. (was Re: Hey...)
To: None <>
From: Brian R. Gaeke <gaekebr@ccds.cincinnati.oh.US>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/21/1993 20:43:32
> 	Why haven't we formed an alt.macbsd newsgroup, yet?  Seems like it 
> might be a better forum than this mailing list...

Too much publicity, methinks. 

On a completely different note:

Strange things are afoot with this netbsd-current (dated Dec 20). 
First off, the machine I am using is a Mac II, 8 mb, with 1 nubus
card that hasn't been used in ages...(and that GENERIC-48 didn't
really complain about.) It used to boot fine--running with the old
preliminary (1.tar -> 12.tar etc.) release.
I reformatted the drive (this is a SyQuest SQ555 -- 40 mb) and mkfs'd
the root partition. Then I installed everything but /usr/share and
/usr/include (this is all from the alpha2 tars.)
Then I copied in netbsd-current, and attempted to boot. No go.
1 bar and freeze. I hooked up another computer to the printer
port, and turned on serial boot echo--now, 9 bars--and freeze.
not even a blank screen. Nothing comes up on the serial port
Just for kicks, I tried GENERIC #35 and GENERIC #48. #35 got pretty
Copyright (c) 1982,1986,1989,1991 The Regents of the University of California.
All rights reserved.
NetBSD 0.9a (GENERIC) #35: Sun Sep 26 00:40:06 GMT 1993
Apple Macintosh II (68020)
real mem = 8384512
avail mem = 6680576
No ADB drivers to match to devices; using default.
Initializing drivers:
grf0: 640 x 480 1 color MacVideo display
grf1: 0 x 0 1 color MacVideo display
ncr5380(0): Probing for scsi devices.
  dev0,lu0: type 0:0(direct),fixed 'QUANTUM Q250  76-45004  46  ' scsi1
        sd0: 40MB, cyls 669, heads 4, secs 31, bytes/sec 512
  dev5,lu0: type 0:0(direct),removable 'SyQuest SQ555           F7P ' scsi1
        sd1: 42MB, cyls 1275, heads 2, secs 34, bytes/sec 512
  /dev/gs7 (instance 0) generic SCSI via controller 0
ncr5380(0): Probe finished.
ncr5380                                       <-- Here's where #48 quit
ser: entering serinit()
ser: exiting serinit()
Two MacII serial devices--one in use for debugging.
Swapping sd1 and sd0
panic: init died                              <-- Here we have the problem
syncing disks... done
we read ret=2, tmp=2 (tmp+1) &0xff= 3
WARNING: cannot set battery-backed clock.
dumping to dev 401, offset 8
sddump()        -- not implemented
succeeded                                     <-- Machine resets
GENERIC #48 did basically the same thing, but it quit talking to the serial
port at the place indicated above.
Has anyone got a sledgehammer? Insights would be quite welcome too. ;)

Brian Gaeke <> or <>