Subject: MacWorld Expo
To: None <>
From: Brian Powell <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/20/1993 11:20:48
Hello all BSD'rs,

        I've been reading this mail group with interest for a couple of
weeks and have been thinking about trying my hand at trying to hack on it
to get it to work on my 660AV.  Anyhow, I would love to talk to some of you
who have ported it to other machines or just to chat about it.  I'll be at
MacWorld Expo '94 in San Francisco this Jan.  Are any of you BSD folks
going to be there?  Maybe we can arrange a MacBSD meeting at some
restaurant or something...

        How does that sound?  First annual MacWorld MacBSD meeting.  Post
and we'll figure something out.

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