Subject: NetBSD on a IIsi?
To: None < (mailing list>
From: Geoff Peters <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 12/19/1993 03:52:46
Okay, net.denizens, before I ask my host system to download the latest
alphas (a _lot_ of data USA->Aus over dial-up links), I'd like to see if
it will be 'compliant' with my system as it stands.

My set-up is:
- Mac IIsi (25MHz) with FPU
- several HDs (all Quantums, LP40 x 2, Pro-80S, Pro-105S, Pro-170S)
  (the 40's are both Apple-ROM Quantums, fwiw)

Fairly basic by today's standards, I'm sure, but it's fast enough for me,
and it all works.

I imagine I'd have to dedicate an entire HD to NetBSD, so was hoping I
could use the 80 Mb chamber for that (need room to grow, don'cha'know!) -
sound like a good plan?

If anyone has any feedback for me on this, it'd be appreciated.

Oh, and if there's any other Australians reading this list and is running
a version of NetBSD, could you please contact me - thanks.